Karnasch Professional Tools

Counter Sinks



Product Description

Karnasch Professional Tools countersinks are available as HSS-XE, ASP powder steel, full-carbide and carbide-equipped designs in the size range of 4.3mm to 80mm. The patented Blue-Tec coating with its higher surface hardness and heat protection ensures a much improved service life. CBN deep-ground flutes permit burr and rattle-free lowering. The wide range of the countersink offers easily processes all difficult-to-machine steels such as rust- and acid-resistant steels, stainless steels, titanium and titanium alloys, as well as light metals and other steel types.

The machining geometry has beenoptimised specifically for automatic and quick infeed, which enabledup to 30% faster lowering and up to 40% longerservice lives.

Product Characteristics

HSS-XE / ASP-powder steel / full-carbide- and carbide-equipped countersinks available in the diameter range 4.3 - 80mm

CBN deep-cut flutes for extremely sharp blades enableburr- and rattle-free spotting

Specifically optimised geometry for automated and quick infeed (up to 30% faster spotting and up to 40% longerservice lives)

Patented Blue-Tec-coating available

Shaft versions available as weldon 19 (3/4"), morse taper, bit and round + 3 surfaces

For construction steel / stainless steel (INOX, V2A, V4A) / rail steel and high-strength steel (INCONELL / HARDOX) / cast iron / as well as aluminium / copper / tin / brass and other NF-metals, as well as exotic metals and alloys