Karnasch Professional Tools

HSS Annular Cutter



Product Description

Karnasch Professional Tools annular cutter of high-alloy HSS-XE special steel combine innovative stage hardening and optimised blade geometries for the best combination of service life and machining output. Only very few manufacturers are able to produce annular cutter hardened in steps. This achieves best hardness of 68 HRC at the tooth tips with a still-flexible annular cutter. The patented Durablue-coating increases the service life again by the extremely increased surface hardness, even at high temperatures and without cooling.

For extremely difficult-to-machine materials, such as Hardox, Titanium, Inconell and rail steel, we recommend the use of the enormously wear-proof ASP-powder-steel drill another highlight of the Karnasch product family for the most demanding of tasks.

The consistent improvement of each detail will warrant the usual high-end quality of our HSS-XE annular cutter in future as well.

Product Characteristics

HSS-annular cutter available in diameters 6 60mm / cutting depths of 25mm / 30 / 40 / 50 / 55 / 80 / 110mm

Use of HSS-XE special steel and ASP powder steel

Stage hardening for best flexibility and maximum hardness at the tooth picks up to 68 HRC

Seven different blade geometries for every diameter range / cutting depth range

Patented Durablue-coating

Four different quality steps / HSS-XE uncoated / HSS-XE GOLD-TECH surface-treatment / HSS-XE Durablue coated / ASP powder steel Durablue coated

For construction steel / stainless steel / rail steel and high-strength steel (INOX / INCONELL / HARDOX)

Can be used on core drilling machines, upright drilling machines, drilling saw facilities