Karnasch Professional Tools

HSS xe Blue dur Tingold Coated Step Drills Tube And Sheet Drills



Product Description

Karnasch Step drills were developed to drill perfectly round and simultaneously deburring holes in sheet metal up to 4mm thickness.

Karnasch Professional Tools Step Drills & Tube and sheet drills are made of high-alloy steel called HSS-XE for reaching a surface hardness up to 68 HRC. These results in high wear resistance and service life.

All Step drills & Tube and sheet drills are available in the patented BLUE-DUR or TIN-GOLD coating. Coatings significantly increase the service life. Strongly recommended for difficult materials such as stainless steels and if drilling without/less coolant.

All Step drills & Tube and sheet drills comes with lasering the diameters inside the spiral/flute. Very convenient during the drilling process.

The user always sees the cutting depths reached. All Step drills & Tube and sheet drills are CBN ground from solid material.

All step drills & Tube and sheet drills available spiral fluted for:

smooth cutting behaviour

no sticking in the material

low cutting force

less burrs on the work piece

longer service life

Available in diameter 4-60mm.

For drilling and deburring in steel, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals such as alu, copper, brass as well as for plastics.

Product Characteristics

HSS-XE / HSS-XE-BLUE-DUR & TIN-GOLD coated step drill / Tube and sheet drills available in the diameter ranges 4-60mm

CBN ground deep-cut flutes for extremely sharp cutting edges leads to almost burr- and rattle-free cutting.

Patented BLUE-DUR coating.

Spiral flute

For construction steel / stainless steel (V2A, V4A) / non ferrous metals (alu, copper, brass), plastics.