Karnasch Professional Tools

Magnetic Hole Cutting Machines



Product Description

The new Karnasch magnetic core drilling machines offer a complete bandwidth of machines in the pro segment for many different areas of use in steel construction. Development and selection of the components of the new machine generation was subject to the principle ONLY THE BESTto warrant longevity, high-quality processing and thus a low maintenance effort. Eibenstock high-performance motors "100% MADE IN GERMANY" contribute to outstanding torques.

Product Characteristics

This starts with the most important, THE MOTOR. Eibenstock motors 100% Made in Germany are and will remain the best choice when it comes to performance and reliability, motors with high torque and low maintenance.

This goes on with the slide. Our HEAVY-DUTY Twin Rail Slide System (patent pending) is by far superior to standard dovetail slides in the points of stability and precision.

The heart of our magnetic hole cutting machines robust electronic switching units with ergonomically designed switch panels. Controlled by Hightech P.C.B Electronic circuitry built with safety in mind. We have interlocking systems ensuring that magnet must be energized before motor can be started. This high-tech P.C.B control system is common to all models.

All models of machines are equipped with a rear stabilizer for even more holding power and stability.e Maschinen sind mit einem Stabilisator ausgestattet für noch mehr Haltekraft.