Karnasch Professional Tools

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs



Product Description

Karnasch Professional Tools offers more than 1,800 different items ex stock of Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs and thus offers the most comprehensive storage range in the world.

15 different shapes and 9 different cutting geometries, as well as special burrs for locksmiths and Mini burrs (1, 2, 2,5 mm) cover every imaginable application area.

Our patented BLUE-TEC COATING permits processing of hardened steels up to approx. 70 HRC. BLUE-TEC COATING in combination with the corresponding cutting geometry increases service life by more than 100%.

Our BLACK-TEC COATING is specifically designed for non-ferrous metals such as alu, copper, brass. Excellent also for plastics.

BLACK-TEC COATING in combination with our HP-7 cutting geometry increases service life and performance significantly.

All Karnasch Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs comes:

Optimised end cut design and extremely smooth surface finishing (mirror finish) leads to excellent chip removal.

The complete range available from stock also BLUE-TEC AND BLACK-TEC COATED for outstanding tool live and performance.

Only the best micro grain carbide grades are used

All burrs are 100% braze tested for strength and safety

Product Characteristics

15 different shapes

9 different cutting geometries

With 1800 articles larges stock range burrs worldwide

Patented BLUE-TEC COATING for all kind of steels

BLACK-TEC COATING for non ferrous metals and plastics, GFK, CFK

Burrs for Locksmiths