Nitto Kohki Group Networks

Portable Fully Automatic Drilling Machine (QA-6500)



Product Description

Quick Auto Drills increases productivity and reduce hole drilling cost.

Power Source (Single Phase) 220-240 V AC 50/60Hz
Electric Rated Power Consumption 1,010 W
Drill Rated Current 4.5 A
No Load Speed 400 / 750 rpm
Magnet Power Consumption 75 W
Capacity Hole Diameter 2-9/16" max.
Depth of Cut 2" max.
Magnet Holding Power 2,200 lbs.
Magnet Dimensions 3-15/16" x 7-15/16" inch
Weight 57 lbs.
Accessories Included
  • UEA0835-0 pilot pin 5/16" x 1-3/8" DOC
  • 3 mm allen wrench
  • 4 mm allen wrench
  • 8 mm x 10 mm combination spanner
  • Chip guard assembly
  • Motor side handle
  • Sample cutting fluid
  • Safety chain
  • Tool box

Product Characteristics

Load Detection Side mounted LED graph displays current drill status before, during and after the drilling operation. The load monitoring LEDs also offer advanced notice of worn or damaged cutters.
Auto-return Function Once drilling is completed and the slug is ejected from the hole, the cutting bit is quickly retracted. This quick drill motor retraction allows the user to move on to the next hole more quickly.