Nibblers - TruTool N 1000


Product Description

The TruTool N 1000 was designed especially for use with thick sheets. It is used primarily for dismantling tanks and containers. It handles cuts over edges, weld seams and doubled sheets like no other. With the two-speed drive, you can work with a maximal sheet thickness of 10 mm at low speed. In second gear, the nibbler works through the sheet faster and can handle a material thickness of 8 mm.

Although the thick sheet nibbler weighs 14.7 kg, it is very convenient to work with, thanks to well-engineered grip ergonomics.

The grip can be mounted in two different positions,allowing you to adapt to the task at hand.

Product Characteristics

  • Metal fitting shops/Recesses and fitting work
  • Disassembly of tanks and containers
  • Roof and fasade construction
  • Container constructions
  • Car-body shops