Bevellers - TruTool TKF 2000


Product Description

TruTool TKF 2000 beveller is the first beveller that can produce bevelled lengths up to 20 mm in stainless steel and aluminum in one work step. The innovative specialized tool is especially notable for its high surface quality, productivity and zero emissions. The new tool is modular in design and can be equipped with or without an automatic forward feed. TruTool TKF 2000 with forward feed is recommended if long and straight metal sheets have to be beveled. Placed on the sheet, the machine with automatic forward feed operates on its own and requires no manual feed.

For many users, the quality of the weld edge is uppermost because it is the foundation for smooth weld seams. And this is exactly what TruTool TKF2000 does: emission-free and oxide-free cutting edges that really cannot be produced at this high quality with any other process. The base height remains entirely level and the edges require no finishing work.

Product Characteristics

  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Railcar construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Boiler-tank construction
  • Steel work