Seam lockers - TruTool F 140 for fan blower


Product Description

There is a frequent need to process small curves for ventilator housings. The sheet thickness ranges from 0.75 to 1.4 mm construction steel. With TruTool F 140 for ventilator housings you can do this easily since it makes best quality closures with curve radii from 100 mm. The surface structure is not damaged.

Continuous roll forming ensures airtight closures without hammering. With the TruTool F 140 for fan housings we offer you two different tools. Choose between short drive roller for short flanges from 0.75 mm or long drive roller for long flanges from 1.4 mm.

Product Characteristics

  • Heating and ventilation works
  • Chimney works
  • House-front construction
  • Industrial ventilators